South Dakota

South Dakota: Let’s Talk Business

South Dakota: Good times in the Badlands

Let’s start with this; South Dakota has the lowest business costs in the United States. Still not enough to pique your interest? How about the fact that South Dakota holds one-fifth of all bank assets in the United States totaling $3.3 trillion? Didn’t see that one coming, huh? South Dakota is so much more than Mt. Rushmore and Bike Week. South Dakota is the haven you are looking for to relocate your business or just your residential address because South Dakota reigns supreme when it comes to corporate friendliness and overall quality of life. As a moving company that has moved more than our fair share of offices and warehouses to the state, we have learned a thing or two about South Dakota along the way. Get those shipping boxes out and call your movers, South Dakota has more opportunity than anywhere else in the United States.

Let’s Talk  Business

Let’s get started with what matters most. CNN Money named South Dakota as the number one state to start a business. The article states, “South Dakota doesn’t tax personal income, capital gains, corporate income or corporate capital gains. There’s little crime, and energy costs are relatively low.” Business Insider gave South Dakota the number two spot for the best business tax climate due to the absence of personal and corporate income tax and capital gains. Even after all of these fantastic benefits, quality of life still matters. Fortunately, South Dakota ranks in at the number two spot for overall well-being and happiness and number two for quality of life. When it comes to the metrics that matter for your business and your personal well-being, no other state comes close. South Dakota wants you to move there, and it does everything it can to ensure your success. No other state invests in you as a person first and a corporate entity second, the way South Dakota does.

The Biggest Heart in Business

Nothing brings more joy than to witness the philanthropic efforts of the world’s elite. What matters most to people is that these efforts are made not for clout but a genuine sense of compassion. South Dakota is home to the most altruistic billionaire on earth, T. Denny Sanford. Sanford has given nearly $1 billion to Sanford Health, a group of 43 non-profit hospitals, and over $55 million to Children’s Home Society, intending to expand services for domestic violence victims and support the organization’s staff. The owner of First Premier Bank has taken great efforts to not put the spotlight on himself rather the charities he supports. Sanford embodies the South Dakota spirit, his manner of living is typical even though his bank account is slightly bigger than most.

South Dakota lands in the top 3 for everything that matters most, but it will be number one in our hearts. If you are ready to change your life for the better both personally and financially, Cherry Moving are here to get you there. Trusted by a discerning clientele from coast to coast, Cherry Moving is your choice for long distance moves and short term storage solutions.