Washington: Home to Heavyweights

Washington State: The Mint of Venture Capital

Washington is home to heavyweights like Microsoft,, Nordstrom, Starbucks, Boeing, and Costco. According to Forbes, venture capitalists see Washington as the holy grail and regularly contribute upwards of $2 billion per year in venture capital alone. If your company is ready to join the big leagues, dust off the shipping boxes and call your moving company because Washington State is a veritable NFL draft of innovation. Here at Cherry Moving Company, we have helped more than our fair share of intrepid entrepreneurs seek their fortune in the shadow of the Cascades.

The Startup of Startups

With a GSP closing fast on $1 trillion per year, Washington knows who butters its bread. Startups are such an integral part of economic growth that the State itself has gotten in on the action. Nobody wants your venture to succeed more than the State of Washington. Startup Washington is a program run by the state Department of Commerce that helps connect entrepreneurs to useful resources, data, funding sources, VCs, accelerators, workspaces, and a slew of other resources. No state values its innovators more. When it comes to startups, the ‘Evergreen State” puts its money where its mouth is.

Never Underwater with Overhead

Energy costs can run as low as 2.88¢ per kWh for residential homes and average 4.13¢ per kWh for larger industrial enterprises such as office buildings or a warehouse. If you are looking at your utility bill in California right now, this may seem like a fantasy. With the lowest energy costs in the United States, this fact alone has been the reason why many companies have made the long distance transition to Washington state. Combine the much lower operating costs with being placed in the Graceland of innovators, and you have just propelled your business to the front of the pack. Very few places exist where a singular geographical change can transform a business seemingly overnight.

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