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Love Montana as much as the: Kauffman Foundation Does!

Cherry Moving has seen an uptick in destinations like Bozeman and Helena from your typical corporate homesteads like Austin and San Jose. Naturally, we did a bit of investigating, and to say we were shocked is an understatement. Montana is nothing short of a boomtown that has slipped under the radar until now. Get your moving company on the phone and dust off those shipping boxes because when you hear this, you’re headed to Montana!


Traffic as Light as,  Your Taxes

Want something even more exciting than the frontier of the Big Sky State? Let’s start with the fact there is absolutely no sales tax! Zip, zero, nada. When it comes to income tax, Montana is astonishingly progressive. Montana has an income tax rate range between 1% and 6.9%. The absence of the one size fits all approach ensures your company is in the best possible position to succeed. While the residential property is certainly on the rise (and for a good reason), the property tax of 0.87% is well below the national average. Montana’s tax system has been called “The Fairest of Them All” by the Washington Post. Despite all of this groundbreaking information, one must not forget the proverbial ‘cherry on top.” Montana has one of the shortest average commute times in the nation at 18 minutes. Remember, Montana has a lot of lands and many miles of road to sandbag the statistics, so if you are setting up your office or warehouse in Bozeman, you can essentially cut that in half.


The Deluge of Entrepreneurs

The Kauffman Foundation has given nothing but glowing reports for Montana in all metrics that matter most to innovators and entrepreneurs. With the fantastic tax system covered, what happens to businesses that uproot and make a long-distance move to Montana? Montana holds one of the top spots for startup survivability at nearly 80%. 80% odds in just about anything is a smart bet. See? Not all statistics are boring! Kauffman also rates Montana very high in terms of new employer business velocity. Montana is welcoming new and established entrepreneurs from coast to coast. Montana takes fifth place among the states where the number of inbound moves is more than twice higher than the number of outbound moves. With many soon-to-be-former tech powerhouses seemingly unphased by the mass exodus they are enduring, Montana is ensuring long-lasting relationships with its new corporate citizens.

Montana may have caught you by surprise, but don’t underestimate the quiet ones. Montana is on the rise, and you should be too. If you are ready to give your office a Montana zip code, only use the best to get you there. Cherry Moving Company has been the most trusted moving company from coast to coast by a discerning clientele. Cherry Moving is the pinnacle of discretion, luxury, and security.