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Show Me Missouri


Missouri is the state that used to be best described as “always the bridesmaid, never the bride.” Well, all of that is changing rapidly. The “Show Me State” is growing across just about every metric. Already home to some of the largest companies in the world like Anheuser-Busch, more and more companies are seeing Missouri’s potential to generate substantial wealth. Missouri took the world stage with the Bayer-Monsanto merger. This merger at $66 billion was the largest all-cash transaction in history. Nothing says ‘show me” like cold hard cash. Here at Cherry Moving, we have been helping entire corporations pick up and reestablish in Missouri too many times to count. Maybe it’s time to grab those shipping boxes and see what all the fuss is about.

If You Can Believe it,  You Can Conceive it

Missouri does not bog down the corporate structure with an unnecessary intrusion. When you have Budweiser and Bayer and their bullpen of lobbyists, rest assured your business environment will be favorable. Missouri has been leading the way in aerospace, publishing, and beer distilling for years. Major corporations have already plowed the fields of success for many new industries to flourish. One of the fastest-growing verticals in Missouri is now the biotechnology sector. St. Louis is ranked number one for hospitals in the United States with several major research facilities and universities like Washington University, St. Louis University, and Bayer Research Laboratories, It is no mystery why the state is fast becoming a hotbed of innovation. Nowhere else can you find such a diverse spectrum of top-tier sectors in close proximity to one another. This unique ecosystem means Missouri can integrate your business into the current structure with ease and efficiency.

The Reasonable (Choice)

Current Missouri home values are around $153,800 after rising 7.5% over the previous year. Homes here are currently listed on the market for an average of $180,000 in terms of the overall cost of living, Forbes ranks Missouri at number three in the nation. While such a low cost of living may be alarming to some, Missouri’s income is steadily rising and is expected to gain more momentum in the next five years. Missouri is attracting first-time homebuyers at a record rate. For anyone considering moving an office or warehouse to the state, this should be music to your ears. With homeownership attainable at entry-level salaries, you ensure low turnover and loyal employees who are just as eager to grow with your company as you are.

Missouri has a lot to offer if you are creative enough. If you are the type that seeks out the diamond in the rough, Missouri is the place for you. Cherry Moving is here to help you make your move to the “Show Me State.” Cherry Moving is trusted by a discerning clientele who expect the very best from a moving and logistics company. For expertise in everything from coast-to-coast long-distance moves to short-term storage solutions, Cherry Moving is here for you.

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Love Montana

Love Montana as much as the: Kauffman Foundation Does!

Cherry Moving has seen an uptick in destinations like Bozeman and Helena from your typical corporate homesteads like Austin and San Jose. Naturally, we did a bit of investigating, and to say we were shocked is an understatement. Montana is nothing short of a boomtown that has slipped under the radar until now. Get your moving company on the phone and dust off those shipping boxes because when you hear this, you’re headed to Montana!


Traffic as Light as,  Your Taxes

Want something even more exciting than the frontier of the Big Sky State? Let’s start with the fact there is absolutely no sales tax! Zip, zero, nada. When it comes to income tax, Montana is astonishingly progressive. Montana has an income tax rate range between 1% and 6.9%. The absence of the one size fits all approach ensures your company is in the best possible position to succeed. While the residential property is certainly on the rise (and for a good reason), the property tax of 0.87% is well below the national average. Montana’s tax system has been called “The Fairest of Them All” by the Washington Post. Despite all of this groundbreaking information, one must not forget the proverbial ‘cherry on top.” Montana has one of the shortest average commute times in the nation at 18 minutes. Remember, Montana has a lot of lands and many miles of road to sandbag the statistics, so if you are setting up your office or warehouse in Bozeman, you can essentially cut that in half.


The Deluge of Entrepreneurs

The Kauffman Foundation has given nothing but glowing reports for Montana in all metrics that matter most to innovators and entrepreneurs. With the fantastic tax system covered, what happens to businesses that uproot and make a long-distance move to Montana? Montana holds one of the top spots for startup survivability at nearly 80%. 80% odds in just about anything is a smart bet. See? Not all statistics are boring! Kauffman also rates Montana very high in terms of new employer business velocity. Montana is welcoming new and established entrepreneurs from coast to coast. Montana takes fifth place among the states where the number of inbound moves is more than twice higher than the number of outbound moves. With many soon-to-be-former tech powerhouses seemingly unphased by the mass exodus they are enduring, Montana is ensuring long-lasting relationships with its new corporate citizens.

Montana may have caught you by surprise, but don’t underestimate the quiet ones. Montana is on the rise, and you should be too. If you are ready to give your office a Montana zip code, only use the best to get you there. Cherry Moving Company has been the most trusted moving company from coast to coast by a discerning clientele. Cherry Moving is the pinnacle of discretion, luxury, and security.

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Aspen & Vail Colorado: Natural Beauties

Aspen & Vail Colorado: Natural Beauties


Attempting to determine the better between Vail and Aspen is largely a fruitless exercise. Both towns boast world-class skiing, five-star resorts, palatial estates, and the kind of ultra-luxury living that’s beyond enviable. The two of course also revel in the high standards of life enjoyed by the rest of Colorado, albeit well on the upper end of the spectrum. No, determining which of these renowned towns is the better of the two is purely a matter of personal choice. And once that choice is made, it’s highly unlikely it can be changed, for any reason.

That’s what we at Cherry Moving have found anyway. Over the past few years, we’ve had more and more clients seeking to relocate to Colorado’s Ski Country, and a good nine out of ten of those clients had their minds made up long before they’d even called. Why? Well, it seems our Colorado-seeking clients all have extensive personal histories with their chosen destinations. In fact, many of our clients had been vacationing in the region since they were children. Others started ski holiday traditions straight out of college or when their own children were young. And now have decided to stake a personal claim to the place they’ve come to love. However long the ties, these clients are already bound to their dream towns. And they’ve enlisted Cherry Moving to help them effortlessly live out those dreams.

That said, a diligent briefing is always helpful, whether or not one’s mind is made up. And we at Cherry Moving aim to be helpful in every way possible. So without further ado, here’s a good look at Vail and Aspen, two of America’s dreamiest dream towns.


Vail,  Colorado


Vail has its own mountain, as well as its own same-named resort. In fact, the mountain is the largest ski mountain in Colorado and the resort predates the town by a full four years. That was in 1962. Since then Vail’s developed into one of the world’s perennial ski spots, not to mention one of the most exclusive places to live on the planet.

Vail’s not all powder and mansion though. During the early 1980s, the area blossomed into a year-round resort. Golf courses were laid out mountain-biking trails were added, and gondolas and chairlifts began transporting sightseers instead of skiers. In quick succession, hot-air balloon rallies, tennis tournaments, and concerts featuring everything from chamber music to rock became part of the Vail summer scene.

In the 1990s, a managed growth pact between the Town of Vail, Vail Resorts, and U.S. Forest Service preceded the opening of Blue Ski Basin, which added 645 acres of additional skiable terrain on Vail Mountain. The agreement served as the catalyst for the construction of roundabouts to improve the town’s carrying capacity as well as open space protections to improve the quality of life and quality of experience for residents and guests.


Vail’s Billion Dollar Renewal


Another milestone occurred in 2005 with the start of Vail’s Billion Dollar Renewal. More than half the town’s commercial areas received a facelift following an infusion of private and public sector investments that begat new and renovated hotel units, additional commercial space, and improved public spaces.

Vail being home to the Burton US Open Snowboard Championships will ensure the town maintains its place in the winter sports pantheon, while a $100 million expansion of Vail Valley Medical Center will ensure the community continues to receive exceptional medical care. Vail is also reportedly pursuing a series of sustainability initiatives that will significantly reduce its carbon footprint.


Resort Town Exclusivity


While the Kardashians did spend a season skiing, snowboarding, and traipsing around Vail Village and Lionshead, then-President Gerald Ford famously used The Lodge at Vail as his “Western White House” back in the mid-’70s, those were the exceptions rather than the norm. And these days esteemed part-time residents such as BlackRock CEO Laurence D. Fink, philanthropist Oscar Tang, and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg adamantly prefer the quieter side of the resort town’s exclusivity.

And what exclusivity do they enjoy! Sperling’s Best Places reports Vail’s current median home price is $917,700, while LIV Sotheby’s says Eagle County (which includes Vail Valley) sold an astonishing $1,768,165,313 worth of homes in 2019. The most impressive rise was in the Edwards in the Lake Creek community, which saw a 450% uptick, and Vail Golf Course and Spraddle Creek, each of which saw home sales climb by 120%. According to the Year-End Micro Marketing Report, Bachelor Gulch saw the most drastic rise in average single-family home prices, jumping from $4 million in 2018 to $7,748,750, a whopping 91.2% increase. You can’t argue with increases like these, so we won’t. We will say that the remarkable rises clearly illustrate Vail remains a most enviable place.


Aspen, Colorado


Aspen came about during the 1880s Colorado Silver Boom and got its name from the abundance of same-named trees that forest the town. The town truly came of age in the ‘50s, after industrialist Walter Paepcke of Chicago’s Container Corporation of America bought up a bundle of properties and opened both the Aspen Institute and the Aspen Skiing Company. The addition of Buttermilk, Aspen Highlands (both 1958), and Snowmass (1967) cemented Aspen’s place as a world-class ski resort.

As you might suspect, Aspen also fields more than its fair share of Olympic skiers, with a good two dozen former and current United States team members calling the townhome. Other notable Aspen residents include philanthropists Mercedes Bass and Carrie Morgridge, financier Thomas Bailey (founder Janus Capital Group), and Canadian-American billionaire Mortimer Zuckerman (whose Boston Properties is one of the largest real estate investment trusts in the U.S.).

And yes, Aspen is pretty much high-end about everything. Ralph Lauren, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Moncler, Van Cleef & Arpels, Valentino, Theory, and Ermenegildo Zegna all have well-appointed shops in the town’s tiny downtown, while St. Regis and W luxury hotel chains join fabled inns such as Hotel Jerome and The Little Nell in hosting discerning resort-goers.

But it’s in real estate that Aspen truly defines high-end. In fact, the town might just redefine the phrase. Sperling’s Best Places reports Aspen’s median home price currently sits at $1,635,500. And if Krug Properties’ forecast is any indication, that price won’t be sitting there for long! In fact, it’s likely already well beyond that figure. According to Chip Krug, who handles the Aspen Snowmass market for Sotheby’s (and who by the way is also an Olympic medalist), 2019 sales rose 37% over the year before, with single-family homes in his market up to $7.589 million, an increase of nearly a million dollars. While the Bideau Team at Coldwell Banker Mason Morse cites a $9,995,000 median, the rise is largely attributable to a shortage in inventory. Bideau also pointed out a high sale price of $54,500,000. All in all, Aspen is proving that there’s still such a thing as certainty, even in uncertain times.

Certainty happens to be one of Cherry Moving’s primary concerns. When a family or a company enlists us to help them relocate, they’re certain that every element of the move will be handled with utmost care and consideration. Whether it’s packing and crating, making use of our safe, secure temporary storage facility, or the shipping itself, Cherry Moving provides the kind of all-around moving service you can rely upon without question.