Idaho Leads the Pack


Idaho: The Corporate Boom on the American Frontier

If there is one thing an economy needs, it is the creation of more job opportunities. Idaho has been leading the pack in job creation for several years, ranking it among the nation’s top-growing economies. Last year, Idaho recorded one of the most significant numbers in job creation, earning the state both national and international accolades. From Boise to Coeur d’Alene Idaho has been moving forward at a record pace. Idaho has been quietly setting the global standard for corporate friendliness. If you are looking for a new corporate friendly home for your business, now is the time to get in touch with your moving company because the “Gem State” is about to rock the world.

The Door Is Open

Whether you plan on moving a corporate office or opening a 1,500 square foot warehouse, It’s easy to access the state government in all business matters. With a fast response to investors and fewer regulations, you can easily schedule a meeting with the right authorities to gain permission to run your business. Governor Brad Little has been praised for not only his forward thinking legislation but his accessibility. With some of the highest approval ratings for any Governor in the Union, Little expects $8.1 billion GSP to grow an average of 3.5% over the next five years.

The Cost of Doing Business Redefined

Nothing is driving the mass migration to Idaho with more force than the extremely low operating costs and overhead. From residential homes to multi-level office buildings, utility costs are among the lowest in the nation. When teamed up with eye catching rebates and grants, many business owners are loading up moving boxes destined for the gem state. Some manufacturing companies are finding their utilities to be almost 75% less! Low utilities and far more manageable salary expectations due to the low cost of living make it easy to see why Idaho has attracted international bannermen the likes of Greenbriar Capital Corp. and Oracle.

Bordering six states and one Canadian province, Idaho is a world of its own without being a long distance from anywhere. When it is time to make your move to Idaho, trust the best in the business. From coast to coast, Cherry Moving has been the choice moving company for everything from short term storage solutions to entire warehouse logistics for everyone from the United States Navy to the Four Seasons Hotels.