Paradise Coast

The Other Paradise Coast: Places to Visit

While Naples and Marco Island certainly rank as the Paradise Coast’s most populated areas, they’re not the only highlights to be found in this sparkling stretch of Southwest Florida. Marco, as mentioned, is the northernmost of the regions 10,000 islands, which spatter the Gulf of Mexico and open up to the Everglades’ majestic River of Grass. That picturesque swath is also the home of Everglades City, as well as a succession of island hamlets, each boasting unparalleled Old Florida charm.

Further up Paradise Coast lie the sister islands of Sanibel and Captiva, two of Florida’s most exclusive getaways. More than half of both islands have been preserved in their natural states and maintained as wildlife refuges. But they still boast a few homes though. And those few homes must be desirable too, because no less an authority than the Wall Street Journal selected Sanibel and Captiva as one of the country’s 10 Best Places for Second Homes.

Whether it’s a family’s first or second home, we at Cherry Moving continue to notice an uptick in clients requesting relocation services to Florida’s wondrous Paradise Coast, and we of course are only to happy to oblige. Then again, there’s nothing quite like helping a family to get situated in a warm and welcoming home. And we feel blessed to be able to do just that!